This is by no means an exhaustive list of the questions people ask and I encourage everyone to contact me or come speak to me in person.  All questions, ideas and comments are encouraged so that the Academy can continue to improve and to keep the Students happy and safe.

You do not need any special equipment but everyone wears a Ju Jitsu Gi (suit) for training, which they buy once they join the club.

We don’t mind.  You can buy them from wherever you wish e.g. Internet, Sports Shop, but we sell them in the Academy and most people find that the quality and strength of ours is better for the type of training we do i.e. throws and groundwork.  But we’re not sticklers about it.  What matters is that the student is comfortable and safe in whatever they wear.

We have Instructor Indemnity Insurance and Disclosure Scotland for all instructors. This has always been paramount for the Academy. You can check out our certification on this website and we proudly display the certificates for inspection in our waiting area at the Academy

Yes. We are always happy for parents, guardians, siblings, grandparents, etc to watch training and see what we do and be re-assured the students are safe and enjoying themselves. We don’t have a specific viewing area but the door is always open for those who want to watch from the waiting area.

Every student is different and all have lives outside the Academy. Some train once a week and some train four times a week. Entirely up to the Student. Everyone works at their own rate and grades when they’re ready. There’s no prescribed schedule.
Every Student travels their own path.

The first lesson is free! Then the Student can train for 3 weeks to try us out, paying for each class they attend. After 3 weeks we ask the Student to pay a Membership and then pay for classes monthly via the bank. How much they pay depends on how many times a week they wish to train.

This is for your student insurance and club membership. We also give you a Licence book to record gradings and seminar information. The licence book means that if you ever go to another Ju Jitsu club you can show you have an official grade that was ratified by Satori Ryu Martial Arts Association.

We welcome anyone and have found in the past that children on the Spectrum actually enjoy the structure and the social interaction. This is definitely not a barrier to learning and grading in Ju Jitsu.

Falkirk Martial Arts Academy


We are a family orientated martial arts training academy, junior and senior classes available in traditional based systems alongside modern self protection training methods

Check out our Class Timetable, you are welcome to come along and meet us for a chat, or better still join in.
You have nothing to lose because there’s no obligation… and your first lesson is free!

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